Class:   Rennie (1983)
Whereabouts:   Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand

I travelled from Hornby, Christchurch, to that desolate hole of a place called Waiouru. The last of the senior era, my time at Cadet School, as with everyone else, had its ups and downs. I very rarely think about my time there, but when I do I laugh and savour the moment. A period in my life which I did the most growing, both physically and mentally, a wonderful time.

Having served a further 13 yrs Regular Force, I had reached my goals and travelled and served in different countries. A career change into the teaching sector was due. I now find myself nine years into teaching, loving it. To you ex clubbies out there, brothers for life! Hey, I now find myself teaching at Polytech in Palmerston North, with two other ex cadets, Ian Drew (1982) and Richard Bruce (1976) you cannot get away from them (ex cadets) I can’t, we are all in the same office.