ADAMS, James Arpine Tautara Burrows (1990) Died 28.5.04 in a mine accident in NSW
AHAPENE, M.J. Dittmer (1972) Michael passed away on the 21st November 2011
AITKEN, Ross Paddon Miles (1948) 32207
ALLPRESS, S.R. McKinnon Class (1979)
ALMOND, Robert William Brett Weir (1969) 17.1.52 – 5.12.93
ANDERSON, Victor William Miles (1948) Ex CPO RNZN 32084 Died suddenly at home 3.1.02
ANDERSON, William Gary Weir (1969) William Gary Anderson died in the Philippines on 4 Apr 2007. Gary had an asthma attack which resulted in a fatal brain hemorrhage.
ARMSTRONG, Jeffrey Henry George Thorpe (1986) 1989 Wairoa
ATKINSON, John A Bennett (1963) parachute accident
ATKINSON, Peter George “Acko” Passed Away 6th February 2011
AUSTIN, Colin B Bennett (1963) Died August 2006

BACK, P.F. Parkinson Class (1964)
BAILEY, Owen Ernest Mead (1949) Died in Eltham, Taranaki on 15th February 2006 aged 75
BAILEY, P.G.  Thornton Class (1975)
BAIN, Grant Morris (1981) Accidentally shot by class mate 1981
BAKER, B.H. Greville (1951)
BAKER, B.K.  Morrison Class (1966) Y47770. Cpl. 1976-1984. Born 29 Oct 1958. Enlisted 8 Jan 1976. RF Cadet Waiouru 1976. Electronic Tech. Waiouru Wksp 1976. T/Lcpl 21 Aug 1978. Static 3 Inf Wksp Burnham 15 Jan 1979. 1RNZIR Singapore 1982. NZ Wksp Singapore 1983. Died Jul 2017.
BAKER, Don Stewart Greville (1951) Major Don RNZEME passed away 5 May 2007. Those early days at CD MT Wksps seem like yesterday in the mind
BALL, Eric Williams (1952) 11.10.36 – 27.4.89
BALLANTYNE, Kyle Puttick (1957) 35117
BARBER, Ian Miles (1948) 18.10.31 – 4.6.96 32085
BARKER, Brett William Taylor (1989) (RNZIR) died 13 Aug 1990
BARKLE, John Edward Barrowclough (1965) Died suddenly in his sleep 16.9.04 Regt No. 41515 W3 Vietnam
BARRETT, Lyell Vernon Hanson (1973) Died 8th March 2006 as result of a trucking accident in Waipawa, Hawkes Bay
BARRETT, Joseph Tauri Russell (1960) KIA Vietnam 22.4.42 – 29.11.69
BARRETT, Maxwell R. Miles (1948) 32219
BATTISON, Ronald Keith Mead (1949) 1954 Motor cycle accident on Rimutaka Hills
BENSEMAN, Donald Imlay Barrowclough (1965) KIA Vietnam 30.10.48 – 16.11.68
BENSLEY, Gordon Mead (1949)
BERGE, C. Shuttleworth (1955)
BIGG-WITHER, Frederick (Fred) Kippenburger (1959) RNZA , 161Bty 65-66 and 68 SVN passed away at his home in Papakura on the 28th of May 2010
BIRKS, Anthony Leonard (Lieutenant General (Rtd)) Staff 30718 Died suddenly 21st January 2002 at home 30718
BOGNUDA, H.G. Mead (1949)
BOGNUDA, Dennis James Leslie Miles (1948) Telecom Mechanic 32086
BOOTH, Anthony John Weir (1958) Regt No. 37938 on 17th December 2005 after long battle caused by exposure to Agent Orange.
BOOTSMA, Leslie. Hanson Class (1973). Died of a heart attack around 2012? Graduated 1974 – RNZSigs
BOYD, George Gordon Allen (1950) 34220 WOII RNZEME 17.5.33 – 6.4.03
BOYD, Major Bryan MBE(Mil). MID(2) WWii and Malaya Original Coy Comd, Cadet Wing
BOYDEN, Jason Sean Taylor (1989) (RNZEME) died 31 Jan 2013
BOYLAN, Barry John (Parkinson (1964) died at Hawera 6 June 2018.
BREEN, R.M.J. Barrowclough (1965) Died June 1971
BREWER, Charlie J Bennett (1963) Charlie Brewer collapsed and died after a PT Session at Burnham Camp in 1981
BRITTIN, Peter Goodwyn. Hudson Class (1978).  Died  5  April 2017 aged 56 years.  At rest in Hastings
BROOKING, R.T. Parkinson Class (1964)
BROWN, Valentine Brinsley Staff Comd. Vietnam Forces. Killed by speeding driver on 27th April 2004 in Richmond, Nelson
BROWN, Colonel. Jim W. Puttick (1957) 35580
BROWN, Noel Darragh Miles (1948) 32213
BROWN, Lancelot Justice (Jeb) Russell (1960) Regt. H39038 WO1 Ordnance Corp. Died suddenly 12.1.2006 from heart attack in Kaitaia
BROWN, Alan B. Mead (1949) 35431
BRUCE, Richard Andrew Burrows (1974) RNZCT Died Palmerston North 2nd September 2005
BRUCE, Ian Greville (1951) Died 4th March 1999 in Outram, Dunedin
BRUNTON, MS (Mike) Crump (1967) Mike ex RF cadets and RNZA ( 161 Bty SVN) passed away May 2011
BUCKTHOUGHT, Barry Glen Morris (1981) Regt No P51303 Was killed by a falling tree whilst cutting firewood on 12th April 2006, in Palmerston North Died as a result of an accident in Palmerston North on Wednesday, April 12, 2006. He was buried at the Waiouru cemetery on Sunday, April 16. Any correspondence to: Ian Drew, email: Ian Drew Close friend and brother-in-law of Buck 021 036 1423
BUGG, John S. Burrows (1974) John died at Ngaruawahia Camp on 22 August 1980 while still serving with the RNZAMC.
BULL, John Henry Charles Russell (1960) Died 8th March 2002 in Blenheim
BURKE, Garry Bruce Puttick (1957)
BURKE, Martin David Miles (1948) 1.1.32 – 14.11.94 32117
BURRELL, Paul Frederick Andrew (1966) 6.8.96 (at Whakatane)
BURRELL, Edward Paul Puttick (1957) Ex 1 RNZIR 1963-65 passed away at Masterton on 3 December 2009
BURT MBE, Harry Roberts (Colonel Bob) Staff Passed away 19.3.02 OC RF Cadet Schools
BURTT, Philip John Mead (1949) 8.1.32 – May 1994

CALDER, Wayne John. Hudson Class (1978)  Passed away 16 December 2006.  Aged 46 yrs.  At rest in Waipukerau
CARPENTER, C.J.  Hassett Class (1988)
CASEY, John Shuttleworth (1955) John passed away 9th October 2011 while watching South Africa v Australia rugby Test.
CASSIE, Gavin Leith Miles (1948) Died 11th March 2009
CAWLEY, D.F. Parkinson Class (1964)
CHARLES, Major Geoffrey David Staff Regt No. 46429. Staff in the 70’s. Died 16th August 2004
CHAUVAL, Gene Leonhong Puttick (1957)
CHESHAM, Michael John Puttick (1957) Tauranga 1988 DOB 1.9.40
CHIVERS, Arthur Roy Miles (1948) 32118
CLARK, Lindsey John Andrew (1966) 3.9.66
CLARKE, Louden Oweson Miles (1948) 20.9.95 32119
CLEARWATER, Alexander Gerald Mead (1949) Died March 2000
CLIFFORD, Maurice C. Allen (1950) Died 1987
COE, B. Shuttleworth (1955)
COE, W. Hanson (1973)
COLEMAN, Wyvern Wallace Miles (1948) 32208
COLES, Henry Graeme Shuttleworth (1955) No. 37235 Malayan Veteran. Died peacefully 15th February 2005 at Auckland Hospital, aged 67 years
COLLINSON, John David Sinclair-Burgess (1956)
COMBER, Peter M. Stewart Class (1961) RNZSigs 161 Bty 1967 marched off his last parade to the Gunpark in the Sky on Wed 20 Jun at his home on BRIBIE IS QLD after being ill for sometime.
COOPER, Thomas Henry Gentry (1962) WO1 Regt No. B39469 Vietnam Vet Died from cancer 25.9.04
COPYN, Robert Franklin (Woody) Weir (1958) Regt No 37982 L/Cpl, REME, Ex Vietnam Died peacefully at home from cancer and stroke 10th July 2003
CORCORAN, Peter J.P. Staff Died 21.12.98
CORRY, Stephen Frances. Andrews Class (1966). Died in South Africa August 2013 from leukemia.
CORSE-SCOTT, A,P, Upham (1971) 18th December 1998 suddenly in Auckland
COSTELLO, Frank Sinclair-Burgess (1956) Passed away with cancer in Sydney 16.2.2002
COTTER, C.B. Allen (1950)
COTTON, John R Bennett (1963) Died as result of car accident
COUCHMAN, Lionel Wayne Sinclair-Burgess (1956)
COUZENS, Thomas Mead (1949) He was in Korea during 1953/54 serving with the British on Centurion Tanks. He was killed during 1960/61 Antarctic Summer Season while driving a SNO-CAT which fell into a crevasse. His body was never recovered.
CRAFTS, Brian Lewis. Young Class (1954). Major (Rtd). NZ Regt; RNZIR, RNZAOC, Brian served in Malaya, Malaysia, 1NZATTV SVN, Singapore, passed away on 5 July 2019 at Paraparaum
CRAIG, E.T.  Puttick Class (1957)
CRAWFORD, Allan Robert Parkinson (1964) 10.8.47 – 8.9.92
CREEDY, Paul Raymond Burrows (1974) Died suddenly 21.3.01 NZ Army Staff Sergeant (rtd) Aged 46
CROSSAN, K.C. Dittmer Class (1972)
CROSSAN, Matthew Elliot (1980) passed away from cancer in May 2013
CROSSE, John E Mead (1949) Died in Waiouru early 1980s
CROW, Wayne Parkinson (1964) Died Papakura 30 April 2008
CROWIE, N.C.(Nigel) Russell (1960) Died from cancer 1970
CULLEN, W.D. Mead (1949) Had accident in Toronto main street (2009) went to hospital and was discharged came home and had a heart attack from which he died
CURRAN, Eugene (Chief) Gentry (1962) Regt No.39470 161 Battery Died suddenly 14th June 2003 in Hamilton

DALLOW, John Redwood Bennett (1963) Died 24th April 2000 suddenly at home. Regt No. 40073.
DANBY, Keith Williams (1952) Died 23.11.03 after suffering major heart attack. F35333 RNZAOC
DAVIDSON, Peter Ernest Weir (1958) Passed away peacefully at home 16th October 2011
DAVIES, R.B. Kipperburger Class (1959)
DAWES, Vivian Greville (1951)
DAY, Robert W. Bennett (1963)
DENHAM, J.C. Gentry Class (1962) Died 2 August 1970. Vietnam Veteran
DENNIS, Kenneth James Miles (1948) 32073
DIXON, Henry Robert Bennett (1963) Y39973 Died 17.1.03 in Brisbane Sgt RNZASC/RNZCT
DON, Alistair John Sherwood Shuttleworth (1955) KIA 14.9.65 Vietnam
DONALDSON, Kevin J. Williams (1952) 5.3.34 – 31.1.90 at Christchurch
DORWARD, John Francis Staff Died 27.3.2001 just after moving to Invercargill
DOSSETT, Basil J. Williams (1952) 3.3.64
DOWNS, Trevor Henry Miles (1948) 32091
DRUMMOND, S.G. Greville (1951)
DUNCAN, Brian Shuttleworth (1955) 1 June 1998 in Christchurch
DUTTON, W.J. Sinclair-Burgess (1956)

EARSMAN, James Barry Shuttleworth (1955)
EDHOUSE, R.D. Shuttleworth (1955)
EDWARDS, Ron Miles (1948) Ron passed away at Mercy Hospital Auckland on 17 June 2011 aged 80. Ron was a successful used car dealer, served on the RF Cadet Association Committee and regularly attended Anniversary reunions.
ELLIS, T.C. Shuttleworth (1955) Nickname Milky
ESPIE, G.P. (Greg) Burrows Class (1974).  Passed away in Caloundra, Queensland on 24th May 2017, aged 60
EMERY, G.H. Barrowclough (1965)
EVANS, J.T. Bennett (1963) Date and cause of death not known
EVITT, Martin David James Barrowclough (1965)

FRANCIS, Alan Edward. Burrows Class (1974).  lan passed away in Wanganui on 31st May 2017, aged 59
FRANK, F.W. Townsend. Stewart (1961) Died 11th February 2009
FAULKNER, D.W. Symon (1953)
FERN, Ross Vercoe Bennett (1963) Died January 1999 suddenly
FLAVELL, Fenton (Ralph) Shuttleworth (1955) 35604
FORRESTER, Trevor Miles Coy (1948) Q32122 CAPT QM (Rtd) RNZEME RNZA. Died at Palmerston North on
7 May 2019
FRANCIS, A.E. Burrows Class (1974)
FORSYTH, Ian Frederick (Bunny) Staff Major RNZIR, 3NV Div.Bn.2 NZ Div 22 Bn Malaya 33183 Died 21.2.04
FRASER, Donald Bruce Miles (1948) 32076
FRASER (MAJOR), Alan Russell Young (1954) Regt. No. 37071 / Died in the Phillipines 16.11.2002 Aged 65
FRAZER, Peter G. Weir (1958) Regt. No. 38284 RNZ Signals. Died from a cerebral haemorrhage on 14th February 2006 in Wagga Wagga, Australia
FREDERIKSON, Arthur George, Weir (1958), Died 18 March 2016 at Hastings, Veitnam Veteran.

GAMBLE, E.K. Mead (1949)
GARLICK, Phillip (Phil) Miles (1948) Died in Lower Hutt result of kidney failure July 2008
GATENBY, William Brian Weir (1958) 1.6.1994
GAWLER, Bryce Elliot, Morris Class 1981. Killed as a result of accident in Waiouru 1982.
GEORGE, D.B. Parkinson Class (1964)
GEDDES, Gerald Hugh Miles (1948) Died in Dunedin Hospital following routine operation July 2008
GIBB, James Herbert Weir (1958) 30.7.41 – 4.12.95
GILBERT, N.G. Young (1954)
GILL, Jack Thompson Staff Died 20.7.97
GOBBIE, Arthur John Crump (1967) Died tragically in forest accident aged 29 12.01.81
GORDON, Leonard Stuart Miles Coy (1948), died 20 July 2108
GOUGH, Ronald Crump (1967) Died 1970, aged 19, in Invercargill
GRAHAM, Warren Parkinson (1964) Died 28th February 2004 after a long illness in Darwin
GRAIG, Edward Tui (Eddie) Puttick (1957) F37633, RNZEME, WO. Passed away peacefully on Tuesday February 2nd 2010, Aged 70. Will always be remembered by those who served with him.
GRAY, P.J. (Joe)  Gentry Class (1962)   RNZEME
GREENING, William Andrew (1966) William E Greening (Andrew Class) ex 1RNZIR 1971-73 Singapore and V4 SVN passed away at Mahia on the 13th of June 2010
GREGORY, Tom Crump (1967) Passed away from cancer October 2011
GREWER, Charlie J
GRIEG, Robert Alexander Miles (1948) 21.6.98 in Perth 32093
GUINESS, S.J. Gentry Class (1962). Died 25 October 2008, Veitnam Veteran

HAAMI, Kiriti (Crete) Kippenburger (1959) B38457 WO1 RNZ1R – Malaya, NZSAS, Borneo, Sth Vietnam Died 2nd June 2000
HAEHAE, D.S.  Hudson Class (1978) Passed away 21 December 2013.  Aged 52 years.  At rest in Upper Hutt
HALAPUA, T. (Hala) Burrows (1974) 35403
HALL, David Bryan Greville (1951) Passed away on 13 March 2007..
HANCOX, John Edward Miles (1948)
HANCOX, Neil Puttick (1957) Neil passed away at South Auckland Hospice on the 15th October 2009
HANSON, Barry John, Kippenburger (1959) RNZEME, Vietnam Veteran. Died Tuesday, 18 September 2012
HARDING, Laurie Albert Puttick (1957) Passed away of lung cancer 16.2.00
HARRIS, Kevin John Greville (1951) Regt. 34862 Passed away after battle with cancer 1/11/05
HARVEY, Graeme Robert (Saigon) Bennett (1963) Reg. No. K39983 Vietnam Vet Died 19th September 1999 after illness
HASSETT (CLASS PATRON), Major General Cb, Cbe Ronald Douglas Patrick Staff Passed away 13th August 2004 aged 81.
HAWORTH, Christopher Aston W. Barrowclough (1965) 3.9.66
HAYES, Paul.  Parkinson (1964). Passed away in Auckland 6 September 2017
HEAD, George Abey Staff Chief Instructor RNZEME 31572. Died suddenly aged 87 13th July 2002
HEATH, Gary Ngarimu (1970) Died suddenly in 1972
HEBDEN, Barry J. Bennett (1963) Died suddenly in sleep 13.9 04 RNZIR 161 Battery Vietnam Regt. No. 39986
HEKE, Trevor Llewellyn Parkinson (1964) Trevor died on 28th September 2003. Details here:
HEMANA, Manuao Kauahia Harry, Weir (1958). Died 3 May 2005 at Upper Hutt Veitnam Veteran
HEMOPO, B.B.  Taylor (1987)
HENDRICK, Jim H. Stewart (1961) WO1 RNZE – Vietnam Vet – died suddenly Opunake 28.8.99
HENDRIKSEN, Jack Oscar Allen (1950) RNZEME 34277 Passed away 15.2.2002
HENRY, N.R. Ardagh Class (1968). 1 RNZIR, NZSAS.  Passed away on 24th March 2017
HEREMAIA, Te Hira Wati Kippenburger (1959) 19.3.42 – 12.11.93
HEREWINI, Tony Greville (1951) Died 17th May 2004 after a long illness, in Minginui
HESSELL, David Peter Bennett (1963) 1982
HIKO, Robert Pani Bennett (1963) 10.6.46 – July 1986
HILL, Stephen Douglas Ardagh (1968) Died suddenly 6th January 1999
HITCHINER, I.F.  Andrew Class (1966)
HOCKINGS, GARTH A. Gentry (1962). Died 10 June 2016 at Upper Hutt
HOFFMAN, Edward John (Ted) Miles Coy (1948), 14 April 2013 at Papakura
HOHAPATA, John R Bennett (1963) Confirmed by his brother John died several years ago
HOPKINS, Gary Murdoch Kippenburger (1959) 38482 Died peacefully 23.11.00
HOROPAPERA, Roland Joseph Puttick (1957) 26.5.40 – 8.9.85
HOUKAMAU, W.A. Burrows Class (1974)
HOTOP, David A.  Firth Class (1982). Passed away 31 Oct 2016 in Queensland aged 51 years
HOWARD, R.J. Gentry Class (1962)
HUDSON, William Hira (Bill) Greville (1951) 11.11.98 at home in Papakura
HUDSON, David (Huddy) Mead (1949) 33113 Warrant Officer First Class Died 11th May 2002 from cancer
HUMPHREYS, Thomas Herbert Sinclair-Burgess (1956) 37839 Provo S/Sgt Malaya, Vietnam, NZ Police Died peacefully Hastings 27.12.04
HUNT, P.F.  Andrew Class (1966).  Passed away in the Bay of Plenty on 23rd May 2017
HUNTER, Brian Joseph Stewart (1961) 21.11.45 – 15.7.89

JACKSON, Graham Frank Miles (1948) 31.3.94 (at Mt. Maunganui) 32078
JACOBS, H.S. Staff
JAMIESON, Noel “Shorty” Allen (1950) Noel a much respected and popular ex cadet passed away at Ranfurly Veterans’ Home Auckland on the 22nd October 2009.
JENKINS, Robert Allen (1950) Robert Alexander (Bob) Jenkins RNZEME (Allen Class) passed away at Blenheim on the 15th of May 2010. Bob was cremated and his ashes were put to rest at his family grave site at Waitara during a special service held on the 19th of June 2010. Bob was a fun loving jovial natured and considerate person who was appreciated and respected by all who served with him. We will remember him.
JOBE, John Norton Russell (1960) 27.6.79
JONES, Bruce Kenneth Andrew (1966) 27.9.49 – 16.2.96
JONES Ian –  G46650  L.Cpl, RNZE  –  Burrows Class (1974). Passed away in Wanganui on 31st May 2017.
JOYCE, Kevin Anthony (Pinky) Barrowclough (1965) Died after a long illness 19th February 2006 in Palmerston North

KAIO, David W. Young (1954) Deceased approximately 1996
KAIO, Wati Shuttleworth (1955) Died suddenly 5.10.00 at home. Ex Malayan Services Sapper 37242
KAREKO, Michael John Rennie (1983) Died April 2001
KEARNEY, Jack Staff Patron, Regular Force Cadet Association
KEEN, Derek John Puttick (1957) Died of heart attack at home 4.5.2002 M37662
KERMEEN, Lyell Vincent Miles (1948) Lyell (Miles Coy RNZEME) passed away at Wairau Hospital on the 8th of August 2011 A foundation member of the RF Cadets who contributed time and information to the Association for the benefit of all ex cadets.
KETTLE, Errol Dennis Shuttleworth (1955) Died 18 Feb 2011
KINGSTON-POWELLS, Keith Michael Parkinson (1964) KIA Vietnam 21.9.71 Regt No. 56226 In Australian Infantry when killed
KIRK, Loxley Gordon Ngarimu (1970) 28110
KIRK, Neville Wayne (Tom) Sinclair-Burgess (1956) Died 2007
KIWI, Albert Reti Weir (1958) 1940 – early 1980’s
KNAP, John Henry Allen (1950) 3.12.92
KNEBLE, David.  Hanson Class (1973).  Passed 27 February 2016

LANGE, Leslie Eric Miles (1948) 31.7.98 (in Christchurch) 32212
LEACH, D.C. Hassett (1988) passed away 29 Jun 2014 in Napier
LEASK Allan (Moose), Hudson (1978) Died 27 December 2017
LEEDEN, Alexander Gordon Williams (1952) Died 29 October 06 Christchurch exRNZEME
LE NOEL, Noel Roger Allen, Weir (1958) Died 30 July 2015 at Levin. Vietnam Veteran

LESLIE, Richard A. Stewart (1961) Passed away in Western Australia January 2003
LOWE, Brian Thomas Kippenburger (1959) Died 16th February 2005 in Featherston
LINDSAY Royston Ward  Puttick 1957.  Passed away at Auckland Hospital on 24th October 2017
LYNCH, L.E. Williams (1952) Died in Australia 14 Oct 98
LYNCH, K.W. Shuttleworth (1955)
LYNCH, M.P. Young (1954)
LYNCH, Graeme Louis (Gus) Young (1954) Regt No. R37068 Captain RNZEME Died 12 Oct 2004 after a long battle with motor neuron disease.

MACKENZIE, Donald Kay Mead (1949) Regt No. 33141 Died suddenly in his sleep 16th August 2004 S/Sgt RNZEME K Force
MACLENNAN, William Ian Weir (1969) R42841 Died 27th July 2002 at home after a battle with Motor Neuron Disease
MAHENO, Louis Miles (1948)
MAINWARING, Joesph Henry William Miles (1948) 32103 Capt 16 Fd Regt. Instructor RNZA K Force. Died peacefully 30.12.04 after illness
MALLOCH, Bruce Edward Greville (1951) A34868 Died Palmerston North 30.12.02 WO1 GSM RNZE Malaya Forces
MALLOCH, Keith F. Mead (1949)
MANAIA, Courtney (Tiny)   –  Rennie Class (1983).  Tiny passed away in a hospice in Palmerston North on 30th March 2017, aged 51.
MANIAPOTO, George Staff George Maniapoto passed away on February 11th, 2004 in Hamilton after a long illness
MANLEY, Brian Symon (1953) Brian John Manley RNZEME (Symon Class) ex 2NZ Regt1959-61 Malaya; 1RNZIR 1967-69 and 1969-71 Malaysia passed away peacefully at Te Omanga Hospice Lower Hutt on the 16th April 2010
MANSSEN, E.G.  Gentry Class (1962)
MARSHALL, Len D. Shuttleworth (1955)
MARTIN, Anthony F. Parkinson (1964) Deceased 28 May 99
MASON, P.J.  Russell (1960) The Māori elder, soldier and community leader died on August 20, 2018, aged 75.
MATAHAERE, Kiwa James Gentry (1962) Regt.39438 RNZIR L.Cpl. Passed away peacefully 18.1.2006 aged 59, in Hamilton
MATANGI, David Glen Dittmer (1972) passed away 5th March 2012
MATEHAERE. K.J.  Gentry Class (1962)
MAXWELL, C.N. Mead (1949)
MAYHEW, Ron Ardagh (1968)
MCAINCH, Montrose George Frank Mead (1949) 1952
MCAINCH, Alec Neville (Shorty) Greville (1951) Died 1.2.04 suddenly after an operation
MCCALLION, Warwick Lee, Crump (1967). NZSAS. Vietnam Veteran. Died Wednesday, 14 March 2018
MCCORMACK, Brian Gordon Mead (1949) Passed away 18.3.2001 33174 Armoured Division
MCLEOD, Daniel Wakefield, Miles Coy (1948) SQN LDR RNZAF, MBE (1980); NZOSMNZGSM (2013). Died
7 April 2015. Vietnam Veteran
MCCRACKEN, John H Greville (1951) passed away early 2011
MCCULLOUGH, Pervis Whatton Miles (1948) 32099
MCDONNELL, Derek Howard Staff Died from heart problems 24th February 2005 at Middlemore Hospital aged 76. RNZIR
MCGLINCHEY, John Gerald Bennett (1963) Died 2001
MCGEOWN, K.J. Parkinson Class (1964)
MCGRAIL, Ian James Miles (1948) Died at Wanganui 4th April 1969
MCHARDY, Hamish Shuttleworth (1955) Died January 1999
MCKENZIE, Donald Mead (1949) Died 16th August 2004 Suddenly at home Regt. No 39121 RNZEME, K Force5
MCLEAN, Allan. Thornton (1975), Passed 23 January 2108
MCLACHAN, Anthony Francis, Gentry (1962) Died 15 August 1983. Veitnam Verteran
MCPHEE, Gavin Andrew (1966) 3.5.98 (at Otorohanga)
MCQUILLAN, Alan Thompson Staff Died at Papakura 5.3.01
MCVICAR, Desmond W. Allen (1950) 1965 approx
MELDRUM, William John David Staff Died with cancer 2004
MENZIES, W.H. Parkinson Class (1964)
MERRETT, William Herbert Staff Deceased 28.9.97
MILLIGAN, R.D. Puttick (1957)
MILLYNN, Brian Symon (1953) Capt RNZA, 1Bn RNZIR Malaya (1957-59) died at Middlemore Hospital on 18th February 2011
MITA, R.T.(Dick) Kippenburger (1959) Dick, RNZEME SVN died in a truck accident in the 1970s
MITCHELL, R.G.   Thornton Class (1975). Lcpl,  RNZAC. died 29 June 1978. Killed in the training area when an APC  rolled and he was in commanders turret.
MOETARA, Bob Sinclair-Burgess (1956) RNZEME, 161 Bty SVN(1965) passed away at home 28 May 2011
MOLINEUX, Colvin George Miles (1948) Died 14th February 2006 in Wainuiomata aged 74
MORGAN, Denis Leith Thomas Mead (1949) Regt No. 33129 Died at home in Red Beach Auckland 5 July 1999
MORGAN, Corporal Philip A. Elliot (1980) Dec-97 RNZE Vehicle Accident at Linton Camp
MORGAN, Ernest John Miles (1948) Instructor RNZASC
MORGAN, Sidney John Miles (1948) John passed away on the 26th September 2009
MORGAN, James Crump (1967) James Mita (Jim) MORGAN Cromp Class 1967 passed away in Rotorua on the 5th of November 2009.
MORRISON, William Richard Kimmitt (Kim) Staff Brigadier DSO OBE MID Died 10.7.2001 aged 87
MOULDEY, Graeme.B. Hudson Class (1978). Died 14 June 1980 aged 18 years. At rest in Waipukerau
MOWAT, David Sydney Parkinson (1964) Passed away 25th May 2000
MUDGWAY, Rex Gerald Puttick (1957) RNZEME Regt. No. 37627 Died from heart failure 9/10/05
MUDGWAY, K.M. Kippenburger (1959)

NEVILLE, Fred C. Sinclair-Burgess (1956)
NEWLAND, Dale Francis Hanson (1973) B46070 WO2 (Rtd) DOB 2.12.56 Died 11th October 2005 from cancer
NGAPO, B. (Ben)  Gentry Class (1962) NZSAS
NGATA, T. Hanson (1973) 14.10.95
NGAWAKA, Paul Sinclair-Burgess (1956) Killed in motor accident 1970/80’s
NICOL, B.A. Parkinson Class (1964)
NICHOLLS, Murray Andrew Ardagh (1968) Died 1.12.01 with bone cancer
NICKERSON, C.R.(Craig) Weir (1969) Passed away 27th December 2009
NOON, Sam. Shuttleworth (1955) and RNZEME. Passed away 23 May 2019 Albany

O’BRIEN. D.R. Drob David Robert.  Killed (Stabbed with Knife) Mt Hagan PNG. Early 90’s or March 1995
O’BRIEN, Thomas Owen (Shorty) Miles (1948) May-84 32211
O’MEARA, Peter Francis Young (1954) 37040 Passed away 17.2.01 from cancer. Aged 63
O’NEILL, Garry, Crump Class (1967) and V5. In Manilla on 4 August 2017
O’NEILL, Michael James Shuttleworth (1955) 35731
ORMSBY, David Hohepa Puttick (1957) Porirua 1987 DOB 3.5.40

PAINTER, Ian Alfred Mead (1949) Died 13th July 1999 at home. Regt No. 33176
PAINTER, R. (Bob) Williams (1952) passed away 8th March 2012
PARK, Ray. Leslie.   Barrowclough (1965).  Killed in a murder/suicide event on 24 December 1974
PARSONS, Paul Reginald Russell (1960) 28.10.43 – 30.6.91
PARSONS, M.J. Mead (1949)
PATCHETT, Robin Fraser, Allen (1950) passed away on 20 June 2019 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
PATTISON, James Symon (1953) Passed away 20th May 2001
PAYNE, Brent Alexander. Hudson Class (1978) Died 4 January 2016 aged 54 years.  At rest in Christchurch
PEARSON, Noel Leslie Greville (1951) Noel Leslie Pearson (Greville 1951) I NZ Regt !967-59 Malaysia passed away suddenly at Tauranga on the 3rd August 2010.
PEARSON, William Keith, Hudson Class (1978) Died 3 July 2004 aged 43 years. At rest in Whangarei
PEDDIE, Graham John (Grumpy) Bennett (1963) No.40232 ex Vietnam Vet. Died suddenly 3rd June 2002
PEEBLES, Ronald N. Shuttleworth (1955)
PENE, William Allen (1950) Died Opotiki 29th November 2005
PENHALLURIACK, Ernest Patrick P Miles (1948) 32212
PEPPER, Barry James Allen (1950) Died during an operation 12.9.2001 Regt No. C34318
PIHEMA, Waru Russell (1960) Died 13th December 2002 in South Alexandria
PORTEOUS; Gary John.  Hudson Class (1978)  Died 22 February 2016 aged 54 years. At rest in Christchurch
POTTS, Michael (Pottsie). McKinnon (1979), Died 3 MAY 2018 at Melbourne after fighting the battle against cancer
POWLES, K.M. Parkinson Class (1964)
POWLEY, David John (Bing) Shuttleworth (1955) 30th August 1997
PRESLAND, John Ramon Mead (1949) A33143 RNZ1R Died 11.5.03 peacefully at home after surgery. Korea, Vietnam, UN Peacekeeper Army Adjutant, Antarctic Expedition
PRIEST, Ted,  Allen (1950)
PROSSER, Kevin S. Morrison (1976) 1.4.80

QUEST, A.I, (Questy) Shuttleworth (1955) Died in Darwin NT Australia 2004

RAFFERTY, Williams Alex Symon (1953) Regt. No. 36835 Died suddenly at Taupo 8.12.01
RAKURAKU, A.W. Barrowclough Class (1965)
RAUMATI, Te Kapewhiti – Shuttleworth (1955) 2.3.37 – 11.6.96
RAWIRI, Fred,  Shuttleworth (1955)  passed away 30 June 2009, Malay and Vietnam Vet.
RAXWORTHY, Arthur  – Shuttleworth Class (1955)We were only recently advised that Arthur had passed away on 14th January 2017 in South Africa.
READ, Andrew William Elliot (1980) F50858
REDWOOD, John S. Staff Passed away 16.2.2002 Regt. No. 3654
REI. Alan, Hanson (1973). at New Plymouth on 18 April 2019.
RIPIA, D.R. Burrows (1974) 29652
RIRI, Thomas Staff
ROBERTS, Michael Elwin. Hudson Class (1978). Died 14 June 1980 aged 18 years . At rest in Hokitika
ROBERTSON, John David Shuttleworth (1955) Died 14.7.2004 suddenly, after long illness. Q37136
ROBINSON, Barry Anaru, Miles Coy (1948). Died 30 October 2015 at New Plymouth. Vietnam Veteran
ROBINSON, Christopher John Barrowclough (1965) 4.5.76
ROBSON, Selwyn Te Toko George Miles (1948) Passed away peacefully 11.1.01 at home – Instructor PTI
ROGERS, Christopher Ngarimu (1970) Christopher Rogers (Class 1970)killed accidently in South Africa. Rogers joined Armoured then Infantry after Cadets before turning up in Rhodesia and joined Rhodesian Light Infantry. Wounded in action in 1979, he was awarded the Military Forces Commendation.
ROLSTON, Alister Neville Ardagh (1968) WO2 Died of cancer 12.2.1991 Brother of Roly
ROLSTON, R.A. Gentry Class (1962)
ROUT, John Basil Shuttleworth (1955) J37222 Capt. Infantry Died 24.5.04 from cancer.
RUAWHARE, Sydney Hiriini Burrows (1974)
RYAN, Bernard Joseph Mead (1949) Regt. No. 33110 Died in Masterson 16th June 2005

SEAMAN, R.F. (AKA HUGHEY Bernard)  Parkinson Class (1964)
SEARANCKE, Philip Rawiri Upham (1971) Died after suffering for several years from a stroke in Australia 27.9.04
SEATH, David Mead (1949) 35827
SHARROCK, Ronald Weir (1958)
SHEDDEN, Arthur G.McD (Mac) Miles (1948) A prominent and well known member ot the RF Cadets and the Army in which he served Mac Shedden passed away on Christmas Day 2009 due to pancreatic cancer. His memory will linger with those who served with him.
SHEARER,  Donald Keith.  Miles Coy (1948).  At Summerset Trentham on 16 June 2019.  An ogiginal of the favoured few. Don was a keen supporter of the Crusaders, if attending his funeral please wear something red and black.
SIMONS, Bill Allen (1950) 35186
SIMONS, Gilbert H.G. Puttick (1957) 37605 Gilbert RNZE, Ex RF Cadet Puttick Class, passed away after a long illness at Meadowbank Hospital, Auckland on 21 August 2010.
SINCLAIR, Noel Leslie Greville (1951) Noel passed away early 2011
SISSONS, Warwick Kippenburger (1959) 38412
SLOPER, Brian William Weir (1958) Died 16th August 2000 after illness
SMITH, Roy Kennedy Upham (1971) Died April 1975 in train accident
SMITH, Joe L. Shuttleworth (1955) 1995 Australia
SPEAK, John Bennett (1963) John passed away on the 10th of December 2010 from Lymphoma Cancer.
SPENCE, David William Andrew (1966) WO1 G41912 W3 SVN also CMF in Rhodesia 79/80 Died 11th May 2005
SPRING-RICE, Barry Noel Mead (1949) 17.10.97
STANLEY, Maurice David (Morrie) Mead (1949) Major MBE RNZA (MeadCoy) died from terminal cancer on the 16th of September 2010.
STANLEY-HARRIS, Richard (M.B.E. Col) Staff Died 17th December 1998
STEVENSON, Garry Francis Page (1977) Died in Fiordland 4th April 2004
STEVENSON, Raymond Thomas Miles (1948) 32132
STOCKEN, Douglas A. Miles (1948) 32083
STOW, Peter Sinclair-Burgess (1956) 35490
STUNNELL, Lawrence Miles (1948) 32109
SWANN, George William Allen (1950) Passed away in Cairns from throat cancer on 14.10.2004

TAHAU, Sheldon Keith Taylor (1989) (RNZEME) died 23 May 2010
TAIAROA, Percy Allen (1950)
TANIORA, S.I. Kippenburger (1959)
TAKO, Warihi Ruihi (Wallace) Weir (1969) Regt No. 44045 Died suddenly at home in Ruatoria 19.7.2003 Aged 51
TAMATI, Paul Alison Andrew (1966) Died 6.10.89
TAYLOR, Brian Shuttleworth (1955) Brian J Taylor (Shuttleworth Class) passed away on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia on the 25th of June 2010
TAYLOR, Lawrence Melville, Miles Coy (1948)  Died 31 January 2017 . Vietnam Veteran
TEALE, C.R. Gentry Class (1962)
TERANGI, Dennis Kippenburger (1959) passed away 4th January 2012.
THOMAS, Lennie Stewart (1961) 25.9.43 – 23.7.96
THOMAS, A.R. Greville (1951) KIA Malaya 1956
THOMPSON, S.W. Parkinson (1964) 22.1.95 (at Wellington)
THOMPSON, Alan James (Sooty) Morrison (1976) Alan James Thompson (Morrison Class 1976) Passed away 9th August 2010.
TINSLEY, Noel Dittmer (1972) Killed in a car accident in 1974 in Ohakune
TIPA, John Raymond Parkinson (1964) Died Christchurch 18th March 2003
TOBIN, Michael Ian Page (1977) Died christchurch of a heart attack on June 01, 2004 S48454
TOCKER, P.J.K. Dittmer (1972). Date of death not known.
TOGANIVALU, Julian Allen (1950)
TONI, Sapper W. Kippenburger (1959) DWOS 26 Jan 1966 Malaysia
TREANOR, Russell (Captain) Staff Staff 1957 – 1963. Passed away on 2nd October 2002 Wife 116 Tararu Road, Thames
TRUEMAN, Ivan Richard Mead (1949) 1981
TUCK, Robert Desmond Puttick (1957) Died approximately 2003
TURNBULL, Wayne Stephen John Barrowclough (1965) 3.9.66
TUTARA, Manu Shuttleworth (1955) Passed away peacefully in May 2011.

VASEY, Colin Sinclair-Burgess (1956) Colin passed away on the 25th oif May 2009
VICKERS, Gary Eric Shuttleworth (1955) Gary Vickers, Colonel, RNZIR, 1Bn NZ Regt 1957/59, 1 Bn NZ Regt 63/65 died suddenly at Wellington Hospital on Tuesday 5th of October 2010. Valued and respected by those who served with him and his contribution to the RF Cadet Association Committee was invaluable. Will be sadly missed.

WADSWORTH, Nelson Miles (1948) Nelson David (Tweedle) Wadsworth RNZAOC (Miles Coy) K Force, passed away in Wanganui on the 23rd of June 2010.
WALFORD, Noel Jackson, Gentry (1962). Died in Carterton on 27 July 2018 after a short illness
WALKER, Anthony John Weir (1969) Died December 2004 Regt. No. W43950
WALL, Edward Rimini Bennett (1963) Veteran Malaya, Borneo & Vietnam Died Cairns, Aust.5.3.04
WALKER, R.N.  Gentry Class (1962)
WALSH, Leo Joseph Staff No. 67250 Sgt Major 24th Battalion POW, RAR, KOREA, MALAYSIA & J. FORCE 10.3.18 – 19.2.03
WARBRICK, Horonui John Barrowclough (1965)
WARD, D.S. Young (1954) 19725
WARD, Gary Symon (1953) Gary passed away at home on August 14th 2009 after a long battle with cancer Gary was widely respected for his friendship and encouragement towards his fellow soldiers.
WATERS, Jeffery David, Crump (1967). RNZA, Vietnam Veteran. Died Friday, 14 December 2012
WATI, J.T. Young (1954)
WATSON, Eric Ian Young (1954) DIED 23 jULY 2006
WAWATAI, Heta Mead (1949) The epitome of the ideal soldier. A friend to all and respected by those who served with him. Heta passed away on the 7th of September 2010
WEALLEANS, Lester Mead (1949) Died 1.1.2000
WEBB, George Geddes, Miles Coy (1948)
WEST, Merv Allen (1950)
WEST, Mark Hanson (1973) Cadet Mark West of Hansen class 1973 was killed on a motorcycle in or around 1978 at Trenthem.
WHAKATOPE, Henry Mead (1949) Died Napier30 Oct 2007
WHITE, William Edward McKinnon (1979) Regt No. X50276 Staff Sergeant. Died in vehicle accident in East Timor 25th April 2000.
WICKINS, Keith Leslie Mead (1949) Regt No. 33160 Passed away in Whitianga on 9th May 2006 after a long illness
WIKI, Matiu Taylor Weir (1958) Died October 2005
WIKI, T.K.K. Kippenburger (1959) died 10 Sep 06
WILLIS, Alan D. Crump 1967. DoD was 4 May 2016 (passed on just before midnight according to his daughter)
WILLIAMS, Captain Peter Sinclair-Burgess (1956) KIA Vietnam 14.2.67
WILLIAMS, John Stewart Barrowclough (1965) KIA Vietnam 15.12.48 – 17.6.69
WILSON, A.J.  Monk Class (1991)  1 Platoon.  Died of cancer in Tauranga 2015
WIRIHAWA, R.T. Puttick (1957)
WOODMASS, Nils F. Shuttleworth (1955)
WRIGHT, Hastings Allen (1950) Regt. 34234 Died 24.4.04 at Thames Hospital with lung cancer.
WRIGHT, M.G. Andrew (1966). Died on 27 December 2018 at Wellinton Hospital

YATES, R.W. Parkinson Class (1964)
YAXLEY, A.J. Ardagh (1968) 19-Jul-80 in Malaysia
YOUNG, Walter Staff
YOUNG, Laurence Gilbert (Laurie) Mead (1949) 33180 Sqn Ldr Laurie Young ex Mead Coy, RNZAF 41 Sqn SVN passed away at Kaikoura Hospital on the 17th of January 2010. Laurie suffered much over the years but maintained his sence of humour and a deep interest in news of those he served with in his army and Air Force careers. RIP Laurie we gained from serving with you. Always remembered.