70th Anniversary Reunion

It has been suggested that the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of the Regular Force Cadet School should be held in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day which ended WW1.  The location will be Wellington.

The proposed format, subject to feedback, is:

Saturday 10th November:
1100-1500 (approx) A combined luncheon at a quality venue for all classes.

1600 – late  Coys/Classes can organise their own activity.  This will enable Coys/Classes to get together informally, perhaps a dinner together!

Sunday 11th November:
Participate, as a group, in the formal WW1 Commemoration at the National War Memorial.

Your Committee will seek NZDF approval and support so we can parade as a group.

We know it is a fair way out, but planning must start soon so we can approach hotels etc.  An indication of partner attendance is also required.

My email is gordon.forrester@xtra.co.nz if you have any suggestions etc., please let me know.

Gordon Forrester


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  1. What relivence are the 10th and 11th of November for the RFCS. Most classes marched in during the first week of January not November so can it be “suggested that the reunion be held in January” and not November?

  2. The concept was to join in with the centennial of the Amnesty in order to tap into the NZDF commemorations as a way to acknowledge the RFCS contribution to NZs Regular Army. If we commemorated it in isolation we’d never get the same recognition.
    The original idea put forward at the AGM was to hold our reunion in conjunction with the NZDF commemorations in November. The 50th Anniversary in 1989 was in November.

  3. My name is Richard Eynon I served in the NZ Army 1972 / 1977 I was in RF Cadets Ditmer Class we were the ones who never had a graduation parade in August 1973 .If my memory serves me right I returned from a course at Linton to find I was marching out pack my gear and I was posted back to Linton to at that time was 2 Construction Squadron RNZE Plant Trooper.
    I understand the reason for no Graduation was because a few Cadet Senior NCO’s I think it was the RSM and others. As I said I was away on course so I don’t know to this day I really don’t know and I don’t care I just thought it was a bit of information you may not know about although I believe you probably do.

  4. Would be great to be involved. Been a bystander for all these years since so would be a buzz to be involved.

  5. Just came across this..have been out of the loop for so long…very interested because this reunion would be my last as will it be for many others. Sinclair-Burgess Class 1956…

  6. Just glad us old n not so old clubbys can catch-up an have a few laughs over a beer or 2 awsm stuff committee dates are perfect for me as the following weekend would be Cambrai celebrations excellent ?

  7. Young Class 54-55, RNZE App Wing Staff 58-62, B Coy CSM 70-71. Please keep me advised about the proposed reunion.

  8. I was there for our 50th. I would like to think I would be there for the 70th. Carry on with the good work Gordon.

    Hansen Class 1973

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  10. Page Class 1977

    Attended the last reunion , fantastic weekend , are we planning to have a parade march again this time ?

    Was an excellent activity associated with the last reunion

    Fortes Fortune Juvat

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