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As previously posted, we are about to stock the shelves with some exciting new memorabilia. We want to encourage new members to the RFCA, so a two-tier memorabilia purchasing system will be introduced. There will be a generous discounted price for financial members but no discount for non-members, who will be required to pay full price. The price of each item will be promulgated when each item comes online for sale. Note that membership subscription is only $10 and you can apply to join on the front page of the web site.

The following items will be offered over a period of time, so as not to “flood” the market:

RF Cadet Flag – A popular item that has been asked for.


Car Stickers – These Stickers will differ from the window stickers we currently have. There will be 2 x White Crests on a clear background with the Assn Web Site predominant.  They will be given to members – along with other memorabilia purchases. It was considered important to have our web site advertised in this way.

A Favoured Few – We have negotiated with a publisher to reproduce our history book “A Favoured Few”. There will be an affordable Soft Cover book and a Leather Bound Hard Cover book of the same quality as the original (this version will be expensive!).  We will be printing 100 Soft Cover books and 25 Hard Cover books (of which 20 will be made available for sale). It is anticipated these will become a collector’s item.

RF Cadet Patch – Recently a Corps from NZ Army produced an embroidered patch and it sold very well. We have in our membership, and beyond, quite a few people who ride motorcycles and belong to clubs such as the Patriots etc. An embroidered patch can be sewn onto any garment and we think it will sell well.

Polo Shirts – These are available NOW in Black with either Red Trim or Blue Trim and sizes from Small to 5Xtra Large – except there is no 4xl!!! There is an alternative black Flinders Polo shirt available – same sizing and same pricing. To order, please email Gordon at rfcadet1964@gmail.com and let him know the size you want and which trim colour you want or if you want the black Flinders polo. The cost to members is $40 (incl postage to NZ and Aust) and to non-members $50 (incl postage to NZ and Aust). Gordon will reply to your email and provide payment details.

Please do not order any of the memorabilia yet. When ready, we will advertise this on the RF Cadet Assn Website, Facebook group, the monthly blog, and in Class Facebook Pages that Gordon has access to.  The costs will be advised then as well.

The Assn Committee would like an indication of interest in the memorabilia being offered – just so we know that we are on the right track. Please email Gordon at rfcadet1964@gmail.com and let him know your thoughts, or leave a comment in the box below.

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  1. Is there a way to find out if my membership is still up to date. I think I might have paid for multiple years a few years ago but do not recall. Anyway I will pay for another 10 years now which can be added to my existing membership, if I am current.

    1. Hi Paul,

      I have checked my database and if you are: SMITH Paul James PEARCE 85
      then you are paid up until 2032. I don’t think you need to pay again – probably not in my life time ?

  2. You asked fr some feedback on the proposals so here it is. Definitely the memorabilia proposals are spot on. I would certainly be interested in a leather copy of A Favoured Few, and maybe a back up soft cover copy for everyday reading and use. Sew on patches also, I can see me ordering a few of these for various jackets etc, is there a blazer pocket planned at some stage? As for the car stickers, how about just a suggestion for a Clubbies sticket, same crests on each side of the word “Clubbies” . Great work team, keep up the awesome work. Paul Smith / UN / Kuwait

  3. Hi. Just checked the link to the Upham Class 50th reunion plans for 2021, it appears it doesn’t work.


    Andrew McKie

  4. Great idea. I’ve got the two books but patches and car stickers would be a go-er. Thanks for volunteering to run things for ex-Clubbies, we do appreciate your work.

  5. Hi team, am keen on the leather copy of the book and flag. Great work on all this. Polo shirts arrived safe and sound before the lock down. Cheers

  6. I am interested in the leather bound book of A Favoured Few, black polo shirt (are they a lose or tight fit?), embroided patch and car stickers if possible. Cheers

  7. hi gordan
    interested in flag for our cadet unit and myself and hard covered book and patches brilliant ideas

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