Class list for Upham Class (1971).

Those names in red have passed on.
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If you are in contact with or have any information regarding the others on this list, please let us know – better still, encourage them to visit the site and get in touch!

Anderson, L.S.
Andrews, C.D.
Astwood, G.J.
Avery, S.J.
Baker, P.G.
Bartlett, L.E.
Bates, G.B.
Beban, M.W.
Bell, D.J.
Bishop, M.J.
Bisset, K.T.
Bleasdale, D.J.
Blissett, H.L.
Boks, P.
Boulcott, R.A.
Boyes, B.P.
Brooking, M.
Brooks, G.D.
Brown, G.J.
Buchanan, D.W.J.
Bulman, R.W.
Carruthers, J.C.
Carter, A.R.
Cathcart, P.A.
Christensen, V.G.
Clark, D.J.
Claxton, L.
Collins, D.R.
Connell, L.I.
Cook, C.V.
Cook, M.A.
Cooper, W.R.
Cooper, L.J.O.
Corkran, K.R.
Corse-Scott, A.P.
Cotter, D.F.
Cox, R.W.
Cullen, A.S.
Dallas, S.R.
Dally, S.R.
Daniels, A.M.

Dix, G.T.
Drew, J.R.
Dyason, J.R.
Ellis, B.G.
Exton, R.O.
Fanane, J.M.
Ferguson, A.J.
Ferguson, M.J.
Fisher, M.G.
Florence, S.
Francess, B.S.
Fraser, I.M.
Galbraith, N.W.
Gillice, M.A.
Gordon, V.G.
Grant, D.E.
Greig, M.R.
Hales, A.M.
Halse, J.H.
Hanson, G.S.
Harland, F.V.
Heaven, M.W.
Helmling, G.R.
Heslehurst, M.J.
Hopkins, T.
Hunia, A.T.
Hyndman, R.P.
Iggo, G.S.
Inger, A.E.
Innes, G.W.
Jackson, M.
James, T.R.
Jones, I.
Julian, G.M.
Just, D.L.
Kamstra, P.J.
Kinzett, R.P.
Kofoed, I.J.
Langley, G.M.
Lawson, D.L.
Le Mon, B.R.

Lee, J.C.
Lindsay, K.W.
Little, W.R.
Liverton, S.J.
Long, B.W.
Mark, R.S.
Marston, L.W.
Mason, N.C.G.
Matchitt, D.P.
Mazengarb, B.A.
McBratney, K.B.
McCullough, A.T.
McDonald, D.L.
McKie, A.S.
Meyer, G.J.
Moran, I.W.
Morgan, K.C.
Morrison, R.J.
Morton, A.T.
Moseley, M.E.
Munden, R.J.
Neale, R.P.
Newland, S.C.
Nolan, M.P.
O’Connor, P.F.
O’Shea, D.M.
Oakes, R.G.
Odell, G.J.
Oldridge, G.W.
Orr, L.E.
Orr, P.D.
Packer, P.G.
Page, D.S.
Pearce, R.B.R.
Perigo, G.B.
Pillow, B.
Porter, L.K.
Pouwhare, M.
Prosser, K.G.
Rae, P.D.
Rakei, W.J.

Rayner, D.J.
Rayson, A.G.
Richardson, M.J.
Rikihana, K.T.
Roberts, B.R.
Round, P.R.
Rowe, K.C.
Rudolph, G.J.
Rule, H.W.
Rusholme, K.
Scott, S.W.
Scott, C.G.
Searancke, P.R.
Shakespeare, P.
Smith, R.K.
Soper, K.A.
Stevenson, C.A.
Storey, A.A.
Street, G.N.
Swan, R.G.
Tahere, M.R.
Tawhara, D.R.
Taylor, C.W.
Tesar, S.J.
Thompson, S.P.
Thomson, G.E.
Thorson, D.N.
Tinsley, J.C.
Towgood, C.W.
Turner, W.M.
Valdemar, J.C.
Walker, T.J.
Watts, M.
Webster, O.L.
Whitmore, R.J.
Williams, B.L.
Williams, C.N.
Williams, G.V.
Wilson, R.J.
Wynn, I.M.