Class:   Burrows (1974)


Spent 2 years in cadets as an apprentice chef. Skinny, small and scared. Was still skinny and small when I left but no longer scared. It was a life defining period and one with no regrets. Only stayed in the army the length of my apprenticeship which included a stint at the Hermitage Mt Cook. Have had a varied life since then with time overseas before getting married and moving to Brisbane. Have 5 kids and 5 grandchildren all in Brisbane at the moment which is great. I am a Director of a training organisation here now   I had a life changing experience eighteen months ago with being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Had a rough time with chemo but in remission at the moment. One thing that helped me get through the bad times was the support I received from a lot of ex clubbies some of who I can’t remember meeting.c Cadets certainly have helped my life.

Last Updated:  July 2017