In January 2021 it will be 50 years since a group of young men marched into Waiouru Military Camp to commence their service in the NZ Army as part of Upham VC and Bar Class at Regular Force Cadet School.

To recognize the significance of this, planning is under way to provide framework for an informal gathering in Wellington from Friday 15 to Sunday 17 January 2021. After a couple of quick phone calls involving Andy McKie, Pete Baker and Skin Frances), the general concept for the weekend is:

• The weekend is INFORMAL, it’s about catching with mates.
• Wives/partners are invited plus all RF staff who worked at RF Cadet School during 1971, training us.
• Sort out your own Accommodation. (We will attempt to organise an accommodation discount deal with a hotel)
• There will be a series meeting locations and times published to allow us to gather during the weekend. All located in the central city area minimising the need for transport.
• Some initial thoughts for a possible programme/activities:
o Friday 15 Jan. Later afternoon gathering time/location.
o Saturday 16 Jan. Probably two gathering times/locations, one pre-lunch and the other pre-dinner. The evening dinner will be an informal meal (restaurant TBA). We are investigating a possibility of a Wellington harbour cruise/BBQ, through contacts of Andy’s.
o Sunday 17 Jan. RFL (Ready For Lunch). A gathering time/location at allow for a brunch/lunch option.

At this stage the priority is getting the “word” out to class mates, collating their contact details and recording interest in attending. Initially I am happy to be the point of contact for collating contact details and recording interest in attending. Please email “” with your name, phone & emails details and city/town of residence.

Please pass this email on to any other classmates you are in contact with. Andy, being part of the RF Cadet Association, will pass information and ask them to promulgate. As I get responses I will update the Upham VC and Bar Face Book page with class mates names we have been able to contact.

If you have links to the accommodation or hospitality industry in Wellington, please contact Skin (email as above or txt 021-2168109), as we are seeking deals at “watering holes” and for hotel discounts for the weekend.